1 THO = 0,04 USD


Start: 20/09/2018

End: 20/03/2019

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Start: 20/09/2018
Finish: 20/03/2019

What is THO Coin?

THO Coin is a platform for the future of funding that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Our mision is building better world through the technology. THO is a global, open source and decentralized supercomputer which anyone can access.

Athero’s main goal is to create “Internet 3.0 solution” .

Imagine browsing internet offline, all you need is synched (or partialy synched) THO wallet.

  • Smart contract applications (DAaps)
  • Wifi ready solar smart bench network (IOT)
  • Blockchain based decentralized exchange
  • Smart car parking technology (IOT)
  • Decentralized domain system with ready data sharing
  • Air and pollution smart sensors (IOT)

Vision and Mission

Blockchain technology has a huge potential to create new bussines models and bring measurable benefits and value to the public and private sectors. To unlock this potential, Athero protocol was designed purposefully to tackle the main challenges which limit the fluent exchange and integrity of data in product smart chains. With smart chain data becoming increasingly fragmented, scalability and cost concerns of current decentralized solutions become evident.

Using Athero, all stakeholders can securely share their data and keep sensitive data fully encrypted at all times. By supporting global standards for data exchange (GS1, IoT, compliance standards), Athero assures compatibility with existing ERP systems, making implementation process quick and efficient. Finally, it is fully decentralised. It removes the possibility of collusions and introduces full accountability for the data provided.

Athero is not a company, it is an ecosystem. It’s based on token economy with directrelations between users and network nodes free of arbitrary fees. Contribution to Atheroecosystem is a pledge towards more transparent, collaborative, fair and trusted decentralized blockchain. Modern society’s commercial infrastructure has evolved to favor the largest markets where most valuable asset is information.     


Driving demand through adoption

Smart cities concept. (IOT)

  • Wifi ready solar smart bench network . Located across the world in smart cities.
  • Smart car parking technology (Independent sensor networks in different zones that can detect, via magnetic fields, whether a parking spot is available or occupied )
  • Sensors for a smart and healthy environment (Network with air pollution sensors, radio/gsm/wifi burglar sensors which is focused on health related impact )

We seek for real life application. Athero will fill an empty space in current economy model.The currencies that will go-on to become large caps or mega caps will be the ones that actually have a differentiated business use case and customer value proposition.


  • Decentralized State-of-the-art cryptographic datastructures and unparalleled decentralization provide efficiency and eliminate single-point-of-failure.
  • Partnerships Athero is bootstrapping partnerships in different sectors to bring blockchain technology into real world use.
  • Cutting edge technology Athero is continuously researching the newest technological standards and continuously expanding our cooperations with international research institutions to keep the technology safe and up to date.
  • Fast Expand + Adoption Athero puts an emphasis on web technology and has a mobile-first approach to bring blockchain technology to the next level of adoption.




Token: THO
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 2,000,000,000 THO
Soft cap: 18,000,000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Price: 1 THO = 0,04 USD
Payment: ETH, BTC, LTC, Dash, NEM, NEO
Hard cap:
Bonus: %
Bonus: %
Start: 20.09.2018
End: 20.01.2019

CEO + Co-founder

Software developer, Co-founder

Sofware developer, Marketing

Front-end developer, smart contracts


Software engineer

Marketing, Public relations

Software Developer Technical Lead

  • Creating the idea of Athero and its prime functionality. Establishing how we can add value through this idea.

  • Building the research and development team to test our hypothesis and the practicality of making it a reality.

  • Expansion of development team and strategic consultants to augment execution plan based on milestones.

  • Connecting with advisors and legal team for structure and set up in preparation for ICO.

  • Working on the development of system and tokenisation to make sure this structure is fully equipped. Aiming to get significant permissions and licenses.

  • Launching of ICO private sale and expanding of team to streamline activities. Consulting with industry relevant groups for discussion and potential partnership.

  • Initial partnerships created. Focus on smart city concept, first prototypes. Launch of ICO public sale and futher team expand.

  • Full focus at Smart city concept, mass production (+sales), Wifi ready solar smart bench network

  • Beta launch of Decentralized exchange. Further team expand.

  • Alpha test of main net Athero blockchain.

  • Launch of main net Athero blockchain (migration).

  • Decentralized marketplace

20.09.2018 - 20.01.2019
60,000,000 THO
1 THO = 0,04 USD
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