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Start: 10/12/2018
Finish: 04/02/2019

About Bluenote

Bluenote is launching the world’s first blockchain-based energy efficiency protocol. It creates a decentralized ecosystem which allows building operators around the world to learn from one another how to waste less energy through distributed data intelligence.

Global warming caused by carbon emissions is both humanity’s greatest challenge, as well as an enormous financial opportunity. Buildings cause over 30% of the world’s carbon emissions, making them the largest singular source of carbon emissions because they consume about 40% of the world’s energy. More than 70% of all buildings were built before the first energy crisis in the 1970’s, which creates an enormous market for improving their energy efficiency.

The Problem

  • Siloed Data. Building data is trapped in different vendors silos or sits unused.
  • Data privacy. Data owners are concerned about exposing confidential data.
  • Actionable Intelligence. Building operators don’t have the decision- making tools they need.
  • Capturing Value. Buildings can’t calculate the financial benefit for their improvements because they can’t track their performance
  • Lack of financial incentive. Energy efficiency and building operational data is not recognized for the value it provides.

The Solution

The Bluenote protocol is a unique, distributed data intelligence technology and economy that has a real world application.

  • Decentralized Nodes. Buildings can easily connect data to their own nodes, rather than relying on a vendor’s ‘cloud.’
  • Secure Access. Data owners can allow for secure access for data analytics through the protocol without exposing the raw data.
  • Global Market for Analytics. The Bluenote community will enable a marketplace of data analytics and software services that can easily connect to data nodes.
  • Verified Performance. Creates bright lines between carbon reductions and financial performance of assets.

Financial Opportunity

Bluenote is tapping into an enormous market, not just according to Bluenote, but according to a report from Deutsche Bank and the Rockefeller Foundation, which the United Nations cites as its key research in this sector. The summary of this report says:

  • $279 billion could be invested in retrofitting the residential, commercial, and institutional market segments in the US (note: this is the size of just the US market)
  • This investment could yield more than $1 trillion in energy savings over 10 years, equivalent to savings of approximately 30 percent of the annual electricity spent in the United States.
  • If all of these retrofits were undertaken, more than 3.3 million job years could be created.
  • Additionally, if all of these retrofits were successfully undertaken, it would reduce U.S. emissions by nearly 10%.
  • $6.5 trillion dollars in global real-estate asset value could be unlocked.

The Protocol

Reward Structure

A Reward Pool will be established to seed the Bluenote Protocol with quality building data and to facilitate data generation, uploads, and application deployment by 3rd parties, as a kickstart to the Bluenote token economy.

Community Data Sharing

Data owners may wish to elect to share some of their data with the Bluenote community as a whole in an anonymized or protected format through the Bluenote Protocol.

Fully Decentralized Data Collection

The Bluenote Protocol allows for data owners to establish their own protected node, rather than having to share their data with a “platform” or “cloud.”

The Token

The Bluenote Protocol facilitates a market for software and data access based on an ERC20 token. The token leverages distributed exchange infrastructure and solutions to serve protocol users or token traders wherever they are.


ETH address:  0x347316d84Fa0962778F45dDF97372857A280B1c7  



Token: BNOW
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 1 BNOW = 0,01 CHF
Soft cap: 2,500,000 CHF
Platform: Ethereum
Price: 12,500,000,000 BNOW
Hard cap: 15,000,000 CHF
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Start: 07.12.2018
End: 31.12.2018

Energy and business models

Jeremy is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Previously, as Vice President and Co-Founder of Energy Foundry, a Chicago-based, energy-focused venture capital firm, Jeremy was active in all phases of the investment process and led deals in distributed renewable generation technology, advanced building efficiency, and oil & gas. Jeremy co-founded Coalition:Energy, one of the country's first energy-focused co-working spaces, and acted as Managing Director of the Smart Grid Cluster, an energy-tech startup acceleration platform for promoting regional growth and economic development. During his career, he has generated millions of dollars in support from corporations and individuals to fund innovation, research and growth.

Energy and innovation policy

Andrew has helped companies, governments, and not-for-profits working to advance clean tech, smart cities, innovative government and economic development projects at a local and global scale.

Community management

Hester is a successful international corporate law and finance attorney, who has decided to pursue her career in sustainable business projects and will develop, guard and coordinate the relationships between the various participants in the Bluenote ecosystem.

Technology development

Philippe is a multidiscipline technologist with over 20 years of European and US-based experience at technology start-ups and large international organizations. Philippe operates best at the crossroads between business, technology and marketing. Recently, Philippe won the Climate Fintech Hackathon at the Sustainable FinTech conference in Zurich.


Hans is co-founder and CFO of Blue and previously worked in financial roles in international business for over 25 years. In has last role, Hans was responsible for finance and operations at the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion for over a decade, responsible for the business support infrastructure in over 20 countries.


Quintus has over 35 years of legal experience and is founder of Abeln Advocaten, an independent law firm with offices in Amsterdam and Paris.


Michiel is co-founder and chairman of non profit foundation Blue City Solutions ('Blue') that leads a global transition to zero-emission cities by identifying, financing and deploying the best performing solutions. He previously founded Planet Internet, the largest internet company in the Netherlands (acquired by Royal Dutch Telecom KPN) and subsequently invested in technology and media startups such as Flabber (acquired by Vice).

Financial and data analysis

Chad is Co-Founder and Managing Director at Grid Economics. His clients have included an international real-estate developer integrating energy into their investments, an international organization supporting cooperatives and municipalities with economic analysis of energy risk mitigation options, and many of the world's most successful solar development and grid-edge companies. Chad has built financial models for more than a billion dollars worth of PV projects.

Commercial real estate

Greg is a broker associate at Sotheby's International Realty. Greg's personal practice specializes in working with developers, builders and multifamily projects.

Blockchain strategy

Francisco is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned executive at international technology and media companies. His primary areas of expertise are Fintech, Insurtech, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart-contracts and cryptography.

  • Launch

    Blue City Solutions (“Blue”), the global coalition that helps improve people’s lives by testing, sharing and implementing the best smart city solutions, officially launches at COP21 in Paris.

  • Discuss

    Blue hosts an open innovation debate for stakeholders from the international energy world at the Blue Horizon event in Amsterdam, where commercial real estate is discussed as the largest singular source of carbon emissions in cities.

  • Focus

    Blue initiates a project to develop a protocol that enables the global real estate market to track energy efficiency live: the Bluenote project.

  • Open

    The Bluenote project team is formed with the goal to develop a protocol that powers an independent, decentralized economy that helps to optimize energy efficiency for commercial real estate around the world.

  • Share a token generation event

    Everyone who passes the KYC process can participate in the Bluenote token investment pool and in the economics of Bluenote token performance. Bluenote tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain ERC20 Token Standard.

  • Build realtime energy reporting

    Bluenote will launch the world’s first open-data, real-time building performance protocol to benchmark and verify each building’s energy, emissions and financial data..

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