12,500,000 ORET

1 ORET = 0,545 USD


Start: 01/12/2018

End: 01/02/2019

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Start: 01/12/2018
Finish: 01/02/2019

About ORET

ORET Token is a unique project, that will give you the opportunity to invest in a company dedicated to the extraction and recovery of GOLD. 45% of the Net profits will be distributed among the Total Supply of ORET Tokens. Once Paraguay Mineral Mining SA is operational, all the gold mined by the company is sold in US Dollars. 45% of the Net Profit is converted into Ethereum. All ORET Token Holders will receive their dividend in Ethereum. A weekly Snapshot will be used to see which Wallet Addresses hold ORET Tokens. Then our Software reads the Snapshot info to calculate the distribution and automatically sends the corresponding Ethereum to all the Holders.

For each ORET Tokens Holder to receive their profits, their ORET Tokens must be stored in an ERC-20 wallet with their own private key (myetherwallet, metamask, etc.) ORET Tokens must not be in an Exchange on the day of the Snapshot.

The Problem

The locals in the gold rich area of Paso Yobai negotiated a deal with the company Latin American Minerals Inc. negotiated a hand over of 83.36 hectares that they have the mining rights to. This hand over included 850 meters (2788 feet) of the Paso Yobai gold trend that is defined by an 8,000-meter-long by 300-meter-wide (26246 feet x 984 feet) gold soil anomaly.

The 850 meters by 300-meter area contains an average of 7.5 g/t of gold. The locals formed the, Asociación de Pequeños Mineros (Small Miners Association). The problem was that they had little to no experience in mining. Using makeshift Gold Recovery Plants, they only recovered about 30% of the gold. Around 70% of the gold ended up in their Tailings, but this Open Pit Mining was still economically viable to a depth of about 15 meters. As the Pit got deeper the costs of mining rose to a point that it was no longer profitable, so the land owners started to rent out (lease) the land to entrepreneurs. Some of the entrepreneurs brought in better Gold Recovery Plants and did well up to a depth of about 40 meters, but they too were losing, in some cases, up to 50% of the gold in Tailings. Their main problem was that most did not have people with gold recovery experience or mining experience or that they invested in the wrong types of Gold Recovery Systems for this area. Another big problem is that none of the mining operations did any forward planning for the roads inside the Pit. They made makeshift cranes with buckets to hoist out only the ore that contained a high concentration of gold. The rest of the ore was removed by excavator in a step by step manner. In many cases a very costly 8 to 9 step process. All this ore was discarded and not processed.

The Solution

We put together a great Team and formed a company, Paraguay Mineral Mining SA - (PMMSA). The team, among others, includes 2 people that have the knowledge needed to extract and recover the gold.

Our CEO, Nicolaas Spangenberg, a South African, is a Gold Mine Manager with more than 8 years of experience. For more details about our Team Member, please read Board of Directors. Juan Villalba is specialized in the extraction and chemical recover of gold with 9 years of experience. We also have all the geological surveys and core drilling analysis of the land we want to acquire, and it shows that the area that we want to exploit is rich in gold. Also, our pilot plant and sampling has proven that the land is rich in gold.

How It Works?


Our company Paraguay Mineral Mining S.A. gives you the opportunity to invest and be part of our company by buying ORET Token, thanks to the blockchain technology.


Our company will start activities once the ICO ends, starting with the acquisition of the land. Thereafter, the installation and start-up of the mineral processing plant.


Investors receive 45% of the net profits of Paraguay Mineral Mining S.A. company, directly related to the profits from gold extracted.



Token: ORET
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 12,500,000 ORET
Soft cap: 2,500,000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Price: 1 ORET = 0,545 USD
Payment: ETH, BTC
Hard cap: 6,000,000 USD
Bonus: %
Amount: 11,000,000 ORET
Bonus: %
Start: 01.11.2018
End: 31.01.2019

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

PR manager


Full-Stack Web Developer

Logistics Manager

Mine Technical Advisor

Marketing and RP Manager

Marketing advisor

Legal advisor

Marketing advisor

Engineer advisor

  • Idea

  • Company formation

  • Evaluation of land profitability.

    Realization of studies in the properties to acquire, by means of soil perforations and analisys of the samples

  • OREToken Proyect Begins:

    Road Map.

    Token Distribution.


  • Promotion for Airdrop.


  • ORET Token ICO.

  • ORET Token ICO end.

    Announcement of introduction to exchanges.

  • Main activities begin:

    Acquisition of land and machinery for the main extraction plant.

    Start of production with the pilot plant. (The land to be purchased already includes some trucks and a primary extraction plant that is ready to run.).

  • First profits sent to the investors will be from the Primary Extraction Plant.

  • Arrival and installation of the Main Extraction Plant.

  • Launch of the exclusive Dashboard.

    Presentation of the Main Extraction Plant.

    The Main Extraction Plant is put in operation.

  • Start of profit distribution from the Main Extraction Plant.

  • Study and technical evaluation for the expansion of the company

    Acquisition of more hectares near the mine to increase the production of the Company.

    Exploration of new areas rich in precious minerals.

    Study the viability for expansion to new areas in the country.

01.12.2018 - 01.02.2019
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1 ORET = 0,545 USD
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