100,000,000,000 SVT

1 SVT = 0,00000111 ETH


Start: 06/12/2018

End: 04/01/2019

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Start: 06/12/2018
Finish: 04/01/2019

About SVT Chain

This is a crypto project which can be work with restaurants , lounge , pub , casinos etc. It's relatively be partnered with the big companies working in PUB & CASINO Sector, using its own Crypto currency named SVT. It aims to promote Crypto currency uses in PUB & CASINO sector. where the SVT coin will be the substitute of card and cash payments. The primary goal is to use Block chain technology to solve the many inconveniences of the payment process in PUBs and CASINOs , using our SVT platform. Thorough our SVT mobile app, we will be provide customers an instant & secure payment method solution using our SVT Token. For promotion of crypto in daily uses markets and easy to use of services SVT team start a crypto project which name is SVT CHAIN. Crypto uses is more comfortable to use and less risk of problems and the customers will become more comfortable while paying at Pubs and Casinos or anywhere else with SVT.

SVT Aims to Build Advanced SVT Chain Systems Which Will Enable New Developers in Helping Vendors (Especially Those Who Lack System Developing Abilities)  to Set Up and Maintain Their Own Applications. It Will Create More Job Opportunities and Promote Economic Growth in a Whole New Level. Our Services Include.

  • The Fastest Speed Ever! By SVT Chain Technology.
  • Consumers Can Pay or Receive Money in SVT, The Real E-Wallet.
  • A Wide Range of Pub, Casino and Lounge.
  • Scan The QR And Immediately be Able to Checkout.
  • No More Expensive Fees.

Advantage of SVT chain

No More Middleman

The big advantage of SVT Chain is the lack of an agent to transfer funds. SVT Chain negates the need for a bank or credit card, with the trade taking place directly between the customer and the business. This could result in a huge cost saving for online gaming sites and liquor sector, which would eventually be passed on to the customer.


The trouble with credit card details are that they can be easily stolen, and with the amount of big-profile hacks seen in 2017, customer details are big business for cybercriminals. We already know about the benefits of block chain technology for casinos and how much more secure it can be, and this is definitely another advantage for players who wish to deposit their funds using a crypto currency. Thanks to the anonymity afforded by SVT Chain, there’s also no personal details to file, or any personal information held by the online casino that could be stolen.

Main Features

SVT Services and Crowd-Projects are considered as the back-bone of SVT Coin, The main purposes of SVT Coins Issuance are demonstrating a real life applications with global usage for SVT users with the opportunity of contributing to SVT Project in different fields. SVT Chain offers some of the advanced products and services through the Global Decentralized Network based on the Block chain Technology such as wallets, Global exchanges, mobile app, e-Bills, crypto e-pay, SVT Advertising etc.        


SVT Users are eligible to send and receive their SVT Coins through ERC-20 Wallets in android, ios also we are bringing our own wallets for Android, ios and web.

Global Exchanges

SVT coins will exchanged into any other currency like $,€, £, ¥ etc, and into any other crypto currency like BTC, ETH, BCC, LTC, etc through different global exchanges. This service is considered as a break through in the crypto currency market that reveals a clear desire of the SVT to embrace the crypto currency market with stability and credibility as a fundamental element of its growth and user focus strategies.


The electronic bills can be generated through our advanced mobile application when a customer pay at PUBs and CASINOs. The bills could be generated through calculating the total SVT paid by a customer to the owner which will include some necessary features like transaction time, date, amount, discounts, cash backs received owners name and wallet address.

Mobile App

SVT will launch a mobile app which will have very special features for both Android and Ios.

  • Wallet security algorithms with email confirmation, authenticator and OTP verifications.
  • KYC compulsion for every user whether he is customer or owner.
  • Creating invoice on each transaction
  • Acceptable in multiple countries
  • Instant send and receive
  • Cash Backs and other special offers and rewards
  • Conversion of SVT into another currency (Fiat & Crypto)
  • Latest updates and news about SVT token as well as condition of market.

SVT Advertising

SVT Foundation aims to become a very popular platform which will be very beneficial for the PUBs & CASINOs owners to advertise their pub, casino & bars through our mobile app. It will create a history in the digital market. The common public will be able to see the star ranking for the pub casino in their near location.



Token: SVT
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 100,000,000,000 SVT
Soft cap:
Platform: Ethereum
Price: 1 SVT = 0,00000111 ETH
Payment: ETH
Hard cap:
Bonus: %
Amount: 32,000,000,000 SVT
Bonus: %
Start: 05.12.2018
End: 31.12.2018








Technical Advisor


  • The SVT Vision defined Whitepaper Released

  • Airdrop Introduction Developing Community

  • Tie-up with Community Manager and Advisors Introducing ICO Exchange Listing

  • Partnerships with Clubs and Casino & Introducing Bounty Campaign & White Paper 2.0 Released

  • Scalable Program of SVT Chain with Our App SVT PAY

  • SVT'S Functional Extensibility Introduction Network layer Testnet 1

  • Network Sharding Intra-chain testing Testnet 2

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